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Little Sisyphus

Be It

by Tall Girlfriend




sign as a lamp receive hurry
she is an officer
on march around the sun

lack the sense their razor
amazing agent oral ant
egg aperture opening the doors

majesty appears a thin pick & high traits
after surprisingly the young-eyed frank
extends the hand of journal

documentation device imagines when you can jump
theory on a besoak graph
alleged on you selfish choruses

last glove dam cynical swallows
above chestnut accompanied belle newbie
kindly vessel monkey the science

the safeguard hits you on composer
a blob drills on you member
spectacle public hide fate habit

storm calibrated with charm & simplicity
characterize doubt free also his sovereignty
now there guards at cold winds

fury is around us a nun phlegm
persists along the opponent
daily defense you won't pulmonary

encouraged case of air the course
illegible dunes 2 or 3 without lights
the visible goat

stresses someone van glowing glass to notice
the also more unclear is found a spade
the berth caution

undoubtedly remained there signed centaur atheist
one of those cake electric
windblown entry is home nor van

ceremony end of the corridor unimposing indefinite time
for a coat is my insect is near
the cock stroked eruption diagonally on top of a sheep

prose physically dances mimic ribbon exclusive
fast around harmony fiber burns crush a blanket cell
bike terrain load teammate

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applicable safety delta gare
limited over a star the bankruptcy a revolt

fame cased near colleague hypocrite
snacks a box then under a cig century mess
why until adventure hill

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lazy corridor split the noun
top a conveyor approach should intervene

a strange lowering the state
solitary shirt below a sink upstairs to meet my man
those around lazy above all see the people

mine about talk now because the biography feel a mask
school pregnant woman angle pilot cabinets
terminology strengthened behind aerodust

female to stereo feet whistle
shake before the mirror finish burying accidents
little one glass

- Nora the Janitor

The title of this album is inspired by Kenny DeForest's recent story on the Risk podcast:


released October 2, 2015

Blake Burbach (guitar, Ensoniq ESQ-1 synthesizer), Nora Nygard (bass), Joshua Thornton (drums).

This album was recorded by the band live to a TASCAM Portastudio 424 at Midwest Biolabs in Bismarck, ND.

The photograph was shot south of Bismarck, by the river, in the late 2000s.

Cover art, photography, mixing and mastering by Nora Nygard.

Produced by Nora Nygard.

Little Sisyphus | GF031


all rights reserved



Tall Girlfriend Bismarck, North Dakota

We've been playing music together for more than a decade. We like tape, free jazz odysseys, and girls who make us feel very very smol & little, like tiny puppies.

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