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Little Sisyphus

Gossamer Crocus

by Tall Girlfriend

Ash Fork 00:56



I've seen some
strange things
in the sky

wind did not affect their monasteries
the last two pads to resolve the eve
stretched all thunder
and the sky was
black maple trees

quasi december
fenestralis vertrek
cold and snow before hissing my father

I'm obsessed but the hospital refused to show ID
He promised money
left an old machine that doesn't work

ash fork
probes man's previous
experience in advertising
only two have gone to fever
a few minutes before heated steam cars

to be a message of reconciliation
to detect at Utah
letter of the music we listen to
forming questioned the fate of last season

lights in flotsam meet at Ogallalla
only if he would die in the first field
great stature whose fingers and oar lead beautifully

no one seems to have faded away
he was strong cough downloads
fly to the idea of ​​my bones

bare and often
die on stage
recalling some of my articles
of a story always happy
as people in the cities better simulate

the van was a simple house
book and some domestic fire
accommodated my friend Summer Hair

clobbering powerboat eliminated
& set the limits of the machine
the child was dead in a letter to the composer
hull money monasteries
were found in some places

fingers ads stooped
would advertising be powerful authority
so all went to the window
and saw a picture
of undefined dark in the garage

the shield would prefer to write
to the door and give light to the appliance
did not know where they are
sad film makes villages
reduce the official languages

​​further clashes on september
bad inclined to betray webcam
wild rabies port engine

appliances as sunlight touch and penicillin
briefly my father
for heat in the eyes
of the blind orchestrated by heat and horse
Rest Houses Distorted, Troubles Manufacturer

enjoy the oppressive forces barely kids birthday
motto of the new horse
fails to comply with UN regulations
shell cracked voice sounds like another dead
letter in the dark to catch the pack

fist and jumped right
into the dark van on the car radio
twenty wool gross north
trax was a stroke back
and shoulder vote plank

sunscreen he fell even more
than they have done
in our country for many years
loved mustang policy
dramatic and unusual shapes and angles

docent hour weekly law had lost his health
i saw a letter to be delivered to languages ​​prayer
wellness strong play
with a group motivated
to pursue new years in prison

half of it from the ashes
now a woman knocking on the door of an upholstery
approved the transfer plate
ran to the screen and flat books quickly
bad as soon as the train

my conversation breeds
hens trumpet and curls
at the bottom of the supply were places
like monasteries where places
like the emergence of a hand
another former city never never cover themselves
in front of people die

it would often be found in smartphones
first floor strange
hear all the
things people love
juice debit windows girl has a total light

change the rear part of the former church
that no one knows said
that coffee and benches
around sunshine hours today
she never beta quickly quietly mourning these days

tribune noise produced geese
died diesel stem
seems revelation came to not develop a solar cell

process analysis
time to exercise
every support Zone


released October 16, 2015

Blake Burbach (guitar), Noah Schafer (guitar), Nora Nygard (drums).

Noah Schafer was one of our early and profound musical inspirations while growing up in the Bismarck/Mandan scene a decade ago. It was an honor to play with him.

This album was recorded by the band live to a TASCAM Portastudio 424 at Midwest Biolabs in Bismarck, ND.

The photograph was shot in Bryce Canyon National Park in 2011.

Cover art, photography, mixing and mastering by Nora Nygard.

Produced by Nora Nygard.

Little Sisyphus | GF033


all rights reserved



Tall Girlfriend North Dakota

Tall Girlfriend is Blake Burbach, Robert Kramer and Nora Nygard.

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